RV Day 2

April 10th
Point Mugu – Alabama Hills
Point Mugu, Oxnard Walmart, Oxnard Honey Cup Cafe, Thousand Oaks Apple, Hook Burger Simi Valley, Alabama Hills
Miles hiked: 5.2
Miles driven: 272.7
Break camp: 45 min
Make camp: 13 min
Camp type: Dispersed camping no services
Camp cost: $0

I woke up pre-dawn and went for a hike. I watched the crescent moon rise while an abundance of birds began their day. There was a prolonged sunrise color display over the jagged ridges of Boney Mountain Wilderness. I took many photos, did Wim Hof breathing exercises, and continued my climb to an ever improving view inland.

Sunrise Apr 10

Nearing the top of my small loop, I could see both sunrise and, in the other direction, the ocean. I jogged down the fire road to the beach overlook and took more photos before descending back into camp.

Ocean Apr 10

Immediately on arriving back at 7:28am, I opened the trunk and started to slide the roof bag in under the shelf as Sara suggested the night before. She protested only because she was still trying to sleep there (though she had asked to leave early and get to a workable location asap…). Breaking camp involved a bit of shuffling and took 45 min of rearranging, dressing, and adjusting. We stopped in the day use area. It was cold so only I walked down to the beach underpass and watched the waves. The night before, I had killed my computer working in the car only to realize my computer chargers had both been boxed into our moving pod. The nearest option was Oxnard Walmart for a usb-c charger. We headed to a pet friendly coffee shop near the beach for breakfast and work. The new offbrand laptop charger was struggling to power my computer and was only slowing the battery loss while plugged in. Once it died, I left it charging next to Sara and took a 1 mile walk on the beach with a view of the Channel Islands. There were pebbles mixed in with the sand, and I was looking at Airbnb options for the night after the poor charging experience at the coffee shop. I took a few calls. We alternated between the shady and sunny outdoor seating where we could either be cold or hot. By the end of the working day, we were feeling a bit burnt and we headed to the Apple store in Thousand Oaks for a proper computer charger. We drove a little further to Hook Burger in Simi Valley to stop for dinner and sit out the rest of rush hour traffic.

After dinner we set our sights on Alabama Hills. It would be 3.5 hours away from our 6pm start, which is later than ideal for arrival but how could we not? A place as excellent as it was worth pressing on. Lighting is best there in the morning anyways, which made slowing down and watching sunset there the following day was less appealing than arriving late and getting a sunrise. We had struggled through the day to get enough power to our laptops in pet friendly locations. We are very familiar with making pet friendly (ie patio seating) work and with staying powered but not quite so much when layering the two. Fortunately, our Ford Escape has a standard 100v ac plug! I had always shied away from charging laptops in cars but at Sara’s insistence did more research to realize, we were good to go and can now recover laptop power while driving. We rolled onto Movie Flat Rd and began looking for a place to set up camp. I was a little timid in picking a spot and found fault with the first few (that the next day we recognized would have been more than fine). Part of the learning curve. We found one about a half mile past the main parking area to the Mobius Arch trail. Camp set up from 10:15-10:28, which included 7 min of partially strapping the black roof bag to the roof. We locked ourselves in for the night & then set the car alarm off at 10:32 with Sara’s assertion: “See just open the handle-” We got settled in and played 15 min of an audiobook, which I immediately passed out to and slept until pre-dawn. Sara let me know the next day she had a bit of trouble sleeping because the wind was shaking the car and roof bag straps that had only been partially secured.

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