RV Day 1

April 9th
Irvine – Point Mugu
Irvine, Point Mugu State Park
Miles hiked: 0
Miles driven: 100.7
Break camp: N/A
Make camp: 33 min
Camp type: Developed campground with water
Camp cost: $45

After working from home for the day, we loaded the car and turned in our keys! We have everything needed to live and work indefinitely from our SUV. I have 10’s of thousands of photos on my phone from thousands of miles hiking and the road trips surrounding them. I rarely have taken the time to sort them into something that can easily be reviewed or reflected on like I do with my mileage log. For my own records, I am shaping a day to day log of RV ramblings and will also share it here for any family or friends who care to follow along.

To provide context, I start here with an overly detailed overview of our gear. In our SUV, we have a sleeping platform, which is the $27 RV that I originally created for weekend trips. We have 2 blankets, 2 pillows, and a sheet set. We have a sun shade shelf to store light items above our legs while we sleep and to use as a counter when standing at the tailgate. We have a 2 gallon water jug with spout. We have 2 Tupperware bins for the floorboard (one has toiletries the other has pantry items). We have a 24 liter electric cooler that runs from a 12v plug. We each have one bag of clothing and one backpack. I have one track bag with hiking items. We have a small crate with non-food pantry items. And for the moment, we have miscellaneous items like the supplies for the yet to be completed curtain project, a few half gallon jars of olives from my self curing project in Irvine, and two other grocery bags of pantry items that remain to be paired down. We also have Beans’ spaceship carrier, which houses her food and supplies.
We also bought a rooftop car carrier to house non-daily items. This includes: my fully packed backpacking pack, Sara’s backpacking quilt for colder climates, snow chains, 4 pair of shoes, a few ziploc storage bags of extra clothing for Sara (including her clothes and snorkel for the Hawaii trip), jumper cables, a battery pack to jump a car, and I think that’s about it. At the trip outset, we loaded this in the car to increase fuel economy. It was loaded day 1 behind the passenger side because I had already packed blankets and such under the shelf.

Arrangement while driving is basically cooler behind the driver seat (for access by passenger), a pillow right in between the front seats for beans to sit when she is not in a lap, one food bag and non-food pantry items in reach of passenger, and all else piled in without obstructing the view out the rear windshield.

We made a pit stop for me to garden with my sister before leaving town. Sara ran a few final errands, including getting and installing heavy duty velcro to secure the shelf top onto the cross members. We had dinner while gardening. We drove straight to Point Mugu. We watched sunset from the highway in Malibu and arrived to our site at twilight.

Sunset Apr 09

Fee camping of $45/night is steep but it is secluded from most road noise yet still has the sound of waves crashing. It also has access to great trails. Camp set up took 33 minutes. This consisted of unloading everything to the picnic table and lots of digging for what was needed.

Beans Apr 09

I packed a hiking track bag for the morning and got some snacks out. I added my clothes bag into the black roof bag, which was locked and left on the picnic table overnight. All other items were tucked into floorboards, shelf, or front seats. We talked trip logistics for a bit, planned to leave for town early to find a place with signal for work, and listened to 15 min of Folks this Ain’t Normal by Joel Salatin as we fell asleep.

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