RV Day 9

April 17th
Silver Island BLM Lands – Salt Lake City
Silver Island BLM Lands, Bonneville Salt Flats, Salt Lake City
Miles hiked: 2.9
Miles driven: 130.5
Break camp:  25 min
Make camp: 30 min
Camp type:  Hotel
Camp cost: $85

We fed beans indoors on the shelf.

0 Beans Apr 17

I had a nice 1.4 mile sunrise walk with brisk winds.

1 Camp Apr 17

2 Neighbor Apr 17

We packed up and headed the few miles to the Bonneville Salt Flats, where the wind was whipping.

3 Flats Apr 17

Sara ran back to the car.

4 Run Apr 17

We drove out onto the dry flats for more of a look around and photos.

5 Flats Apr 17

We headed into Salt Lake City, booked a hotel, and made plans for dinner with friends.

6 Drive Apr 17

We grabbed an early check in and a full day of work. I used Rover to find a pet sitter for while we went to dinner and for a walk about the city.

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