RV Day 8

April 16th
Pyramid Lake – Silver Island BLM Lands
Pyramid Lake, Fenley NV, Grimes Point Archeological Site, Sand Springs Pony Express Station at Sand Mountain Recreation Area, Austin NV, Silver Island BLM Lands
Miles hiked: 4.1
Miles driven: 441.8
Break camp:  20 min
Make camp:  18 min
Camp type:  Dispersed camping no services
Camp cost: $0

I grabbed sunrise photos at Pyramid Lake on a 1 mile walk.

1 Sunrise Apr 16

A lake this larger seems beautifully out of place in the middle of a desert.

2 Pyramid Lake Apr 16

We had a quite nice camp spot.

3 Camp Apr 16

Arriving back to the car, I found Sara attempting to break camp from within the car after she had been unable to reach me. Apparently the moment I left for my little walk with phone off, Beans had vomited her breakfast up and onto the comforter. Beans was acting normal afterwards but we still had to adjust our plans and head straight to do laundry.

We rolled into Mr. Bubbles laundromat in Fenley, NV. We put our blankets and clothes into the attendant’s favorite machine, a 4 load washer that washes twice and rinses 3 times. Sara worked inside using their wifi while I made the second set of blinds by tracing the set made two nights before. Each time I went in to check on the clothes, Sara was chatting away with laundromat friends. We got quite a few good recommendations of petroglyph sites, archaeological sites, and other attractions in Northern Nevada. From there, we headed towards the Berlin–Ichthyosaur State Park via Highway 50. We happened upon Grimes Point Archeological Site where we had sandwiches and walks. Beans was quite interested in the sandwiches.

7 Lunch Apr 16

The Grimes site had more than 1000 petroglyphs.

4 Petroglyph Apr 16

8 Lizard Apr 16

Sara kept working while I went for a longer walk up to Grimes point.

5 Grimes Point

Sara and I went over to the caves about a mile away and checked out the little interpretive walk despite strong cold winds. We had a bit of a disagreement about the text of the sign board at one of the caves. We were both still short on sleep and adjusting to new patterns of very close proximity. 

10 Cave Apr 16

We continued down Highway 50 and shortly after saw a massive sand dune in the distance, which we went to check out.

11 Sand Mountain Apr 16

Going the 25 mph speed limit, we came to a sign that read “Dip”. The dip was basically a gutter cut in the road. It needed a much lower speed and slamming on the breaks, we still hit it a bit fast. Sara’s computer knocked her on the wrist, which was less than ideal. This was followed shortly after by a data usage limit warning that we were 90% to our hot spot limit, while the billing cycle was only 30% over. Both put a damper on the mood. A bit further on we found a tree covered in shoes.

12 Shoe Tree Apr 16

We aimed at Middlegate Station for lunch. On arrival we realized it was a pretty small outpost.

13 Station

The sparse services and poor signal, had us thinking of getting on towards Utah that evening, which would make for a long day. We retargeted for Austin, NV for food and arrived just as the town cafe closed. We grabbed fridge sandwiches at the gas station and added microgreens, tomatoes, and pickles from the cooler in the car. After Austin, I drove through snow. We made it back up to I-80 and headed towards the Utah border. We had sandwiches for dinner again, which was a poor choice. Sun set over the interstate side town was pretty.

14 Sunset

We made it into Utah and set up at the Silver Island BLM lands near Bonneville Salt. It was cold and snowing. We were both very tired and on edge. It took all the patience we could muster to set up. I was looking forward to getting back down to warmer climate in the coming week.

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