RV Day 5

April 13th
Bishop – Lookout Mountain
Bishop, Druid Stones, Schat’s Bakery, Hot Creek Geological Area, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Mary, Lookout Mountain
Miles hiked: 6.2
Miles driven: 76.2
Break camp: 55 min
Make camp: 18 min
Camp type: Dispersed camping no services
Camp cost: $0

My plan had been to catch up on sleep but 5:30am found me awake and getting things togeher for a hike. I had picked out the short and strenuous Druid Stones hike just south of Bishop. I watched sun rise as climbing out of the Owens Valley. 

1 Druid Stones Apr 13

2 Owens Valley Apr 13

3 Tree Overlook Apr 13

I called my mom for part of the walk down and drive home. I stopped into the famous Schat’s Bakery for some cheeze bread. At the hotel room, Sara worked while I did laundry. I also opened the two experimental jars of olives I had started curing in December. I did a taste test against store bought Kalamatas. Jar 4 was still quite bitter because I had skipped the step of slicing into the olives before soaking them. Jar 2 was almost right but still bitter and needing more salt.  After cleaning up, folding laundry, and checking out at 11, we drove across the parking lot to the hotel barbecue area to work for a bit. Around 12:40, I went to the car and cleared a spot for a curled up nap. Since I hadn’t given Sara a heads up, about 10 minutes after laying down, I woke to her opening the car door ready to leave. 

We went back to Schat’s Bakery for a to go sandwich and cookie. I drove while Sara worked. We went to see Hot Creek Geological Site to eat our lunch. 

4 Hot Creek Apr 13

The pools were robin egg blue with a bubbling vent.

5 Bubbling Pool Apr 13

We went for a short walk along the creek and saw many people fishing. Sara had fun with her cookie.

6 Cookie Apr 13

We continued up to Mammoth Lakes. While Sara tried to finish up the work week, I went into the NPS visitor center and got great recommendations of where to hike on snow that afternoon and to take the June Lake loop on the drive north. 

8 Mammoth Lakes Apr 13

Sara needed another hour to complete her work, and I went for the snow hike to Lake Mary. The road is closed to vehicles in winter but there is a public access corridor for walkers along side the resort cross country ski track. I had an alternating brisk walk / light jog to 8900’. The snow covered lake brightly reflected sunlight. It was a very gorgeous look into the mountains. 

10 Lake Mary Apr 13

Back on the road, we grabbed firewood to accompany our plans to finally set up camp before dark! We took the Mammoth Scenic Loop aiming for camping. Our first destination was met with Road Closed signage. We continued down to 395 and a forest road continued off the other side. Sara wanted to check it out. She had her mind set on a camp site with a view, and we found it on the summit of Lookout Mountain.

11 Lookout Mtn Apr 13

12 Sara Apr 13

The road up was rutty but passable with a bit of care because it was dry save for a few snowy spots near the top. We set up camp and prepared a fire. We then took lots of sun set photos and then had our fire. 

14 Sunset Apr 13

13 Fire Apr 13

This campsite was phenomenal, and both of us were looking forward to the next two days where Sara would be free to fully enjoy. 

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