RV Day 4

April 12th
Bishop Volcanic Flats – Bishop
Bishop Volcanic Flats, Bishop
Miles hiked: 1.0
Miles driven: 7.3
Break camp: 15 min
Make camp: 30 min
Camp type: Hotel
Camp cost: $91.34

The strong windstorm and cold front made for a much chillier night. I woke around 4 and didn’t get back to sleep. I wound up cutting my phone on and off to take notes and even had service enough to research all the potential dog friendly options in Bishop for the start of the work day. Given that the day called for 20mph winds and highs in the 50’s, pet friendly patio seating didn’t appeal. We would have a few hours charge to potentially work from the car on our hot spot. From bed, I browsed for dog sitter options and dog friendly hotels. I watched the crescent moon rise and layered up with all the lightweight clothing I had available (most heavy jackets were in the rooftop bag). I then got up and fed beans. It was high winds and in the low 40’s. I had waited until a bit closer to sunrise to start walking, anticipating the cold winds would make for a less than leisurely walk. I shuffled down the road looking to get around the ridge and have a view of the light on the sierras. In a few moments, I saw white caps peeking over the ridge. The wind was hitting me directly once I was in the wide open table land and wide open views to the Sierras were the reward. After a lot of pictures, I hustled back to the car and grabbed the nice camera. I topped the ridge and took some more photos before getting back into bed to warm up. 


We then broke camp, again doing as much from inside the car as we could. We headed into town, got Sara a coffee, and were able to check into the pet friendly Vagabond Inn just after 9am. We settled in, cleaned up and worked the day from our room with a Mountain View. Sara also watched a drug bust at a room across the parking lot. After the work day, we went to Kmart for a few car organization items. We went back to Upper Crust Pizza for pasta (it was next door to the inn). We watched a little tv and went to bed.

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