RV Day 13

April 21st
Moab – White River National Forest
Moab, UT-128, Grand Junction, White River National Forest
Miles hiked: 0
Miles driven: 286.1
Break camp:  27 min
Make camp:  22 min
Camp type:  Dispersed camping with no services
Camp cost: $0

We left south out of Moab and made it to Hole N the Rock.

1 Jeep Apr 21

We were originally headed towards La Sal Mountains but headed back towards Moab for an alternate route.

2 Sal Apr 21

We took UT-128 along the Colorado River.

3 Ford Apr 21

4 Oinon Apr 21

5 Dewey Apr 21

After meeting back up with I-70, we cruised towards Grand Junction, CO. We stopped by an RV dealer that carried the Falcon F-Lite, which was a 14′ travel trailer light enough to be towed by our SUV. It’s bed was a bit short for me but it was a well designed compact RV.

7 Falcon Apr 21

We stopped by another dealer with rugged NOBO RV’s to have a look as well.

6 NOBO Apr 21

Heading towards higher elevations, we began to see snow.

8 Highway Apr 21

We headed towards the White River National Forest.

9 Reservoir Apr 21






We saw a few elk climbing the bank near the road.

10 Elk Apr 21

We began to transition away from green trees to snow frosted scenery.

11 Transition Apr 21


The snow in the valley was pretty.

12 Snow Apr 21

Sunset was nice as we settled in for the night.

13 Sunset Apr 21

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