RV Day 12

April 20th
Moab – Moab
Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park
Miles hiked: 6.9
Miles driven: 141.0
Break camp:  34 min
Make camp:  11 min
Camp type:  Developed campground with water and showers
Camp cost: $33.25

Sara and Beans worked from a coffee shop while I went back into Arches for a 6 mile hike from the Devils Garden Trailhead. The first stop was Landscape Arch.

1 Landscape Apr 20

The number of people dwindled as you ventured beyond that major attraction.

2 Trail Apr 20


I stopped by Partition Arch.

3 Partition Apr 20


And Navajo Arch.

4 Navajo Apr 20

The primitive trail looping beyond these was quite pretty.

5 Primitive Apr 20

There were mud holes large and small where animals drank.

6 Mud Apr 20

6 Prints Apr 20

I stopped by Private Arch.

7 Private Apr 20

There were beautiful pillars along the trail.

8 Pillars Apr 20

And a backdrop of La Sal Mountains.

9 Primitive Apr 20

On the drive back, I stopped by a new overlook by the Courthouse Towers.

10 Towers Apr 20


From Moab, we drove up to Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands National Park. Beans had a nice nap en route.

11 Beans Apr 20

The canyon views were superb.

12 Canyon Apr 20

We did the short walk up to Upheaval Dome.

13 Upheaval Apr 20

We headed to the Green River Overlook for sunset.

14 Green River Apr 20

It was gorgeous.

15 Silhouette Apr 20

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