RV Day 11

April 19th
Moab – Moab
Moab, Arches National Park 
Miles hiked: 1.6
Miles driven: 55.5
Break camp:  58 min
Make camp:  16 min
Camp type:  Developed campground with water and showers
Camp cost: $33.25

We woke and had a morning work session before heading to Arches National Park. Sara dropped me at one side of the Park Avenue trail and picked me up on the other end.

1 Park Ave Apr 19

2 Park Apr 19

3 Baby Apr 19

We then checked out Balanced Rock.

4 Balanced Apr 19

The large camera battery was dying, and I went to change it with the spare that was on the charger. But neither the charger nor spare battery were to be found. We tossed through the car twice over and before looking up a camera store in Moab we hoped would be able to remedy the loss once we left the park. We then went to the windows area.

5 Windows Apr 19

Sara began not feeling well and insisted she wait with Beans while I took the 1/2 mile look closer on my own. North window was crawling with people.

6 North Apr 19

South window was a bit clearer.

7 South Apr 19

The view back to the Parade of Elephants was quite nice.

8 Elephants Apr 19

We headed down to the Delicate arch viewing area and checked out the first quarter mile of a 4×4 road.

9 Delicate Apr 19

There were nice panoramic views on much of the drive.

10 Pano Apr 19

We stopped at the viewing point for Firey Furnace, which had an amazing backdrop of the La Sal Mountains.

11 Firey Apr 19

At the trailhead for Landscape arch, Sara still did not feel well. Rather than hike 1.5 miles in sequence while the other stayed with Beans, we headed back towards Moab for dinner and to find a power supply for our camera. We stopped by Courthouse Wash on the way out to stare at the striking the green of the trees against the towers.

12 Courthouse Apr 19

In town, the camera store did not carry our batteries or chargers. They had a universal charger that would function, and I paid the premium for it. We got Thai food to go and ate back at Slickrock Campground. We got ice cream from the camp store, watched a movie, and went to bed.

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