RV Day 10

April 17th
Salt Lake City – Moab
Salt Lake City, Summit Park, Moab
Miles hiked: 2.4
Miles driven: 265.1
Break camp:  30 min
Make camp:  52 min
Camp type:  Developed campground with water and showers
Camp cost: $33.25

We slept in a bit, worked, and packed up. We headed up to Summit Park for a lunch time walk with our friend and the dogs.

1 Summit Park Apr 18

After a quick pit stop for a new air filter, we headed towards Moab. We had a quick stop at the Horse Canyon scenic rest area as the afternoon wore on. We also confirmed our tire pressure was good because our gas mileage seemed a bit low the past few days.

2 Horse Canyon Apr 18

Sara suspected the change in how we packed the lumpy roof bag was the most likely explanation. We stopped again shortly thereafter to take down the roof top carrier.

3 Roof Apr 18

A train rolled by while we repacked the interior of our car a bit more densely.

4 Train Apr 18

The most recent span with roof bag had yielded 23.0 mpg. The rest of the drive to Moab yielded 27.8 mpg! That was the end of the roof bag. When taking it down, we had also noticed quite a few patches where the bag had worn through the outer waterproof layer, which was surprising given the less than 1 week of usage.

Our original destination in Moab was Slickrock Campground. We took a detour up 128 to scope out the BLM campgrounds and found them resoundingly full. On the way back to town, there was a work crew lighting up the canyons walls.

5 Night Apr 18

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