2018 Rocky Mountains Trip

April 23rd – May 1st
Denver, Boulder, and Rocky Mountain National Park

When I landed back in Denver, we drove straight up to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

1 Sunset Apr 25

Moraine Park Campground is at 8,160’ and stays open through the winter on a first come first serve basis.

2 Moraine Park Apr 26

There were lots of elk.

3 Elk Apr 26
I took sunrise hikes.

4 Dawn Apr 27 5 Daybreak Apr 27

On the way to Cub Lake, this little pond was very reflective.

6 Reflection Apr 27

Since we were here during the week, we headed down into Estes Park during the day for WiFi to work. We drove further one of the days to check out more RV’s. After 2 nights in RMNP, we headed down to Boulder for a hotel and to explore.

8 Chataqua Apr 28

We had a hike in Chataqua Park.

9 Hike Apr 28

We checked out the Boulder farmers market for lunch. We saw lots of blooming tulips and colorful street performers on the pedestrian mall.

10 Boulder Apr 28

We headed back up to RMNP and did our first real cooking of the trip. The grocery had no skewers for sale but we grabbed 3 pair of chopsticks, which served as both skewer and tongs.

11 Cooking Apr 28 12 Camp Apr 28

The campground was much more crowded on the weekend, with every campsite filling a bit before sun down. I set up my hammock for the first time in years. There was a bright full moon. In the morning we went up to Bear Lake.

13 Bear Lake Apr 29 14 Chip Apr 29 

In preparation of Sara’s Hawaii trip, we headed back in to Denver for a few nights at a hotel. We made a trip to B&B RV to check out a few unique brands of travel trailer. The Cricket by Taxa was by far the best designed we found yet. It’s a 15’ hybrid trailer that took a few seconds to pop up and be fully set up. The queen bed ran lengthwise in the trailer’s rear and there was a multi function living space and kitchen at the trailer’s front.

15 Cricket Apr 30

Checking out of our hotel after the days in Denver, Sara graciously went to the airport many hours before her flight so that Beans and I could get a jump on the long drive east.

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