Ford Escape RV Conversion – Custom Mattress

After using our $27 RV platform and $20 Mattress Topper for a few months worth of trips, we made time to tailor a better fit for our vehicle. Our sleeping platform is 73″ long, 40.5″ wide at foot & 47″ wide at torso level. The length and torso width are the correct dimensions for a full mattress. We had satisficed with the folded sides in the foot box on weekend trips.

Mattress topper

We had considered custom ordered but never seemed to prioritize it.

We used a large roll of red paper (from the paint section of home depot) to make templates of our sleeping platform.

Template in Car

We then took those inside and laid them out on the mattress.

Template on Mattress

We then cut the mattress to size with an exacto knife.

Exacto Cut Mattress

We also flipped the mattress and carved a section of the foam out to seat over the center console with a slightly reduced bulge.

Carved out head rest

The finished product gives more foot room and makes taking the mattress in and out easier.

Mattress Trimmed

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  1. […] I sketched out a plan to build an 8″ platform sleeping platform with sliding storage underneath. I thought it through about 50% as well as I should have and wound up at Home Depot picking out the materials. I had boards in the cart and was on the verge of setting that in motion when I hit a snag with my incomplete design. We put the wood all back & returned to drawing board that evening at home while we shaped our mattress to a custom fit. […]

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