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Crypto Resources

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  1. Video: How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical)
  2. Live Price Info:
  3. Video Playlist: Longer Intro to Cryptocurrencies from Andreas Antonopolous

How to Buy Bitcoin

  1. Gemini: Can convert fiat into Bitcoin or Ethereum. Money deposited by bank transfer ($500/business day limit) is available for immediate trading (cannot be withdrawn until deposit fully clears). Deposit money by wire immediately available for trade and immediately available for withdraw. Fee of 0.25% as maker or taker. ID verification process can be slow, especially during periods of rapid adoption.
  2. Coinbase: Can convert fiat into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. High 1.49% fees by bank transfer and long wait time for deposit to be made available. Higher 3.99% fees by credit card and deposit is available immediately. Simple to use interface. Their iOS app hit most downloaded free app in the app store in December 2017. Has frequent service interruptions as it struggles with hypergrowth. ID verification process can be slow, especially during periods of rapid adoption. Has the ability to set up recurring deposits, which is great for dollar cost averaging in a small portion over time.
  3. Abra: Mobile app. Fast verification. Create a wallet denominated in Bitcoin. Deposit fiat by bank transfer (1-2 day delay until availiable) or American Express (immediate). $2000/week limit.

How to Buy Other Cryptocurrencies

  1. Binance: Deposit Bitcoin or Ether. 150+ trading pairs. Good UI.
  2. Cryptopia: 1000+ trading pairs.
  3. There are many many many many more. Never leave more on an exchange than you can afford to loose. To find markets that trade a specific coin, you can check via Coinmarketcap. For example see here the list of exchanges that trade Basic Attention Token (BAT).

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